Kristen Blanton Nowak, Owner & Founder

I am an environmental scientist and mother of twin boys. After seeing report after report about how plastics are forming miles-wide islands in our oceans and are indiscriminately found in the bellies of sea creatures, my family has been working extra hard to reduce our plastics consumption. However, we have found there is only so much we can do when the everyday products we use are sold in plastic containers. Even though we recycle these plastics, the current state of recycling in the United States is such that just because we put it in our recycling bin does not mean that it actually gets recycled - it may end up in the landfill, the incinerator, or even the ocean.

Certain products like propane tanks and large water jugs can be refilled – so we thought, why can’t laundry detergent, soap, and other common household products be refilled as well?? That is how Re Refill, LLC was born!

We provide a solution to the plastics crisis by creating a circular model of distribution and consumption that allows the consumer to REUSE the packaging the product comes in. This differs from the current linear distribution model in which the product is used and the packaging is thrown away. The circular model gets to the root of the problem by reducing waste in the first place, rather than hoping that someone will eventually recycle it. 


We hope you will join us in being part of the solution!

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